Jetski – Speed on water! Experience the ultimate fun day on water, during your very own Jetski day along the picturesque coast of Mallorca. The Jetski can be driven individually or with up to three passengers. Various types of models are available for your disposal, including the racing Jetski made for speed or a freestyle Jetski for the more experienced. Take in the extraordinary panorama that will be offered to you on this Jetski adventure, while shooting across the waves of the Mediterranean.

Jetski - with the wind in your face

Cruise along Mallorca’s coast with the wind in your face. Every Jetski is in a technically perfect condition, where nothing stands in the way of limitless fun on water. The easy maneuvering system enables even beginners to get on top of a Jetski. A life vest and a helmet ensure safety during the ride, so that one can fully concentrate on the power and fun of the Jetski while our professional and experienced team will accompany you the entire time.

Jetski - pure adrenalin

Experience Mallorca on water and enjoy the beautiful panorama passed towering cliffs, while feeling the power of the Jetski. Every Jetski is equipped with a special mechanism that attaches the driver to the Jetski with a band that immediately stops the motor should the driver fall off. The Jetski operates on a four-stroke combustion engine and is powered by an internal impeller. With an internal impeller the danger of endangering passing by swimmers is eliminated. 

Jetski and more…

A day on a Jetski can be tiring. To strengthen the body and soul, join us on a Tapas tour or a Paella workshop and do a winetasting at an extraordinary wine bodega. With our iPad city tour challenge we can combine the latest technology with historic facts of the town of Palma, to introduce the culture of this picturesque town. If you prefer to explore the island land-based, we offer you a tailor-made Jeep Rally or a Mountain Bike tour. Whatever you feel like our professional and experienced team will compose a tailor made program where no wishes are left unattended. 

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